Unique Human Antibodies Targeting Neurological Diseases and Allergies

About us

Mabylon is a biotechnology company spawned from the research of Prof. Adriano Aguzzi and his colleagues at the University of Zurich (UZH) and the University Hospital of Zurich (USZ). Mabylon is active in the field of human antibodies against prions, severe food allergies, and other intractable human diseases.


An increasing body of evidence indicates that human antibodies are among the most potent and best-tolerated drugs against a panoply of human ailments. Because they are selected and matured within the human immune system, human antibodies can possess higher selectivity and better safety profiles than those from conventional sources.


Mabylon employs modern high-throughput technologies to screen for the presence of therapeutically relevant antibodies within large human populations.Up to 2'000 serum samples per day are screened using robots and miniaturized assays. Lymphocytes from seropositive carriers are then isolated, and their antibody genes are cloned.