Alcide Barberis

Dr. Alcide Barberis, PhD, CEO

Alcide Barberis is a biotech entrepreneur with over 20 years management experience in the biotechnology industry and scientific experience in the private and public research sectors. He was a co-founder and a Board Member of ESBATech AG and Oncalis AG, and is currently member of the Board of Directors of EffRx Pharmaceutical AG. In 2016 he founded LCID Consulting LLC and has directed CP Start-Up, a service promoted by the Foundation for the Lugano Faculties of USI aimed at supporting start-up companies in Southern Switzerland. Dr. Barberis holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from the University of Zürich.

Tiziana Sonati

Dr. Tiziana Sonati, PhD
Director of Operations and Portfolio Manager

Tiziana Sonati has joined Mabylon in 2015, driven by her interest for immunotherapy as successful intervention for disease treatment. She is a pharmacist with a PhD in natural sciences (University of Zurich) focusing on immunotherapy strategies for disease treatment. During her PhD and postdoctoral studies (University Hospital Zurich), she has acquired in depth-knowledge in antibody development, characterization, biophysical and functional validation for therapeutic use.

Dr. Natascha Wuillemin, PhD
Head of Cellular Immunology

Natascha Wuillemin has joined Mabylon in August 2015. She has a Master degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (ETH Zurich) and a PhD in Immunology (University of Bern). During her PhD and her postdoc, she has established in-vitro models for better understanding of HLA-related drug hypersensitivity reactions and gained expertise in in-vitro allergy research.

Dr. Dimitri Bieli, PhD
Head of Molecular Cloning

Dr. Dimitri Bieli joined Mabylon in March 2017, driven by his interest in the discovery and development of human antibodies and their use in immunotherapies. He has a Master degree and a PhD in Molecular Genetics from the Biozentrum of the University of Basel. During his PhD and post-doctoral training, Dr. Bieli acquired in-depth knowledge in genome engineering, screening and isolation of protein binders, as well as in protein engineering.